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Starting in the late 1950s, a music recording studio industry arose in the Los Angeles, CA area to add music to motion pictures and some records. At the same time, the original rock 'n' roll music took flight in Southern California. During the middle and late 50s, a high school student named Mike Deasy, a child prodigy on various musical instruments, began playing in a band that would back up the rock stars of the day. That band was called Mike Deasy And His Big Guitar. In the group with Mike were Jim Horn, Bruce Johnston, Larry Knechtel, and Sandy Nelson, all musicians who would become internationally famous for their talents. With this band, and singly, Mike would back up such rock stars as Ritchie Valens, The Everly Brothers, Chubby Checker, Bo Diddley, Duane Eddy, and Eddie Cochran. In the late 50s and early 60s Hollywood studios, Mike played and sometimes wrote and/or produced on singles and albums by Cochran, Kip Tyler And The Flips, Bruce And Jerry, Dick Dale And His Deltones, The Kelly Four, Aki Aleong and many others.


This studio work would put Mike in the right place at just the right time when Phil Spector started to create his Wall Of Sound in the L.A. studios in the early 60s. Spector of course would use Mike on many of his recording sessions and this opened the doors for Mike going full time as a member of what Hal Blaine would later coin as The Wrecking Crew, an elite fellowship of highly skilled professional musicians who provided the musical background for many of the songs that would be recorded during the 60s and early 70s.


Because these studio musicians were rarely credited on the records, it will be impossible for our list to be comprehensive. But as more and more information comes forth, and more interviews are conducted, we'll add that information here. Thanks for dropping by and we hope you'll get a kick out of seeing why Mike came to be called The Guitar Man!

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